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Polar Urals Expedition 2007







last update: 15.05.2007

Welcome to the PUECH project website

This year's expedition is organized within the framework of The IV International Polar Year, the biggest scientific venture focused on the polar regions, which takes place every 50 years. It is also, the continuation of the field research on the environment of the Polar Urals conducted last year.

Obruchev glacier

This year's fieldwork will concentrate on the research of the contemporary state and paleogeography of the polar region mountains. The expedition has modern, interdisciplinary approach to field reseach.
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The study area is one of the most remote and unknown places in Europe.
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This project takes a part in a international network research programme APEX - Arctic Palaeoclimate and its EXtremes.

The time of the expedition: 15th of July - 10th of September 2007.

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